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Adient Technologies LLC provides high-quality consulting services for clients at all levels. We work closely with our clients to help them maximize profit and minize financial expense of a difficult problem.

At Adient Technologies LLC, we do our utmost to make the consulting process as easy, efficient and effective as possible. We can introduce you to high-caliber and hard-to-find professionals who will activey take the initiave to provide the best services to our clients. Our winning attitude permeates our entire organization.
We are able to offer local, regional and national support to our services. You will get personalized service and our guarantee of privacy and professionalism! Just as you want the employee you hire to have a lasting relationship with your company, we also want to build a lasting relationship with you. Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves not only to meeting your immediate consulting needs, but we also strive to build a relationship of trust and respect, learn about you and your organization to foresee your future staffing needs, and foster a positive relationship with you.

Adient Technologies LLC. is based in the Omaha, NE area. We are also planning to open  locations in the Chicago, Los Angeles, Hatford and Washington DC  areas..
We will work with you to solve your problems , work on your strengths, and increase your bottom line.� You can begin by contacting us directly at
Our Business is to Help You Connect with the Right Minds.
Major Areas of Services Offered:

  •   Retained and Contingency Permanent Consulting Services for various clients at a global level.

  •   Contract Competitive I.T. Consulting projects through Adienttech Technologies LLC .

  •   Human Resource Research Services - Competitive Human Resource Intelligence or Name-Generation Research

  •  Vendor Managed Services - Managing today's contingent and temporary workforce is a time consuming and costly administrative task for many organizations. We offer full-service, single source solutions as alternatives to traditional consulting and on-site programs. Our team does a complete assessment that includes understanding your company's history, your business goals as they relate to your consulting needs, and then we present a customized solution that provides a cost-effective and efficient contingent solution for your company. Our Vendor Neutral Management program can significantly reduce your overall costs. Our Vendor Neutral Management program acts as a single staffing conduit for your organization's hiring managers - all requests, queries, reports, etc., are consolidated at the VMS provider level. We perform many other functions as part of an overall management program, for example: locate and validate supplier organizations; monitor rate compliance; create and run recruitment programs; monitor assignment longevity, on boarding, and off boarding activities; and track company-wide volume discounts; to name a few.  Managers will be able to improve productivity by eliminating low-value work activities. To suppliers, instead of dealing with many different managers and processes within a customer organization, they too have a single point of contact in the VMS provider, leading to streamlined procedures for them to get contingent employees placed and working. We can advise and assist with selecting and deploying the technology that will deliver the best returns. We will either partner with the leading technology providers or integrate with your organization existing system.

We offer nationwide placement within a multitude of various industries and a variety of different levels of positions.

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