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Adient Technologies LLC has been in existence for more than 7 years. Adient Technologies ADIENTTECH has been providing professional consulting services based upon our belief that great people equal great results.
About US
With specialists operating under adient, it is well equipped to satisfy the needs of the clients.
ADIENT  Technologies LLC is committed to hire employees who desire challenge and are willing to work in areas which requires problem solving and dealing with people.
Adient Technologies LLC is known for providing professional and personalized consulting services to a number of industries. At Adient Technologies, we emphasize confidential and ethical relationships with our clients.
We will work with you to position yourself to be the most attractive productivity and financially possible.� You can begin by send a e-mail to HR@ADIENTTECH.COM  .� Through active participation and effective networking, we have established tremendous working relationships with various clients and service providors.
Our Business is to Help You Succeed.
Executive Summary:
Adient Technologies LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company specializes in the field of Management Information Systems (MIS),  and performs various solutions for customers in North America and world. The company constantly strives for excellence in niche areas and has built an excellent reputation in the industry as early adopters of technology and industry specific solutions. Adient Technologies LLC  believes in maintaining its differentiation strategy by making significant investments in Research & Development to create patented tools and industry-specific solutions.

Vision Statement:
To be a strategic partner to our customers and create a strong employer brand that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and loyalty.

  • Empowerment of people
  • Institute for learning and growth
  • Respect for an individual
  • Compete and co-operate
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Recognition of entrepreneurial spirit
Mission Statement:
To be a full service provider from package selection to application maintenance, and provide enhanced business value to customers; and create opportunities for employees, and serve the community we operate in.
       Company Facts:

  • Performing Various Software implementations , and services for past several years.
  • The company has graduated from professional services to implementation of IT strategy and Organizational Change Management
  • Average IT experience of our consulting workforce is over 4 years
  • Average industry experience of our marketing staff is over 10 years
  • 90% of our people have experience in the latest new dimension technologies in addition to traditional ERP skills
  • 90% of our people have worked for more than 3-4 years with the company

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