Frequently Asked Questions:

HOW DO I SUBMIT MY RESUME TO ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES ?                                                                                                           Back to Top
The best way is to E-Mail the current resume to our HR. You can do this by clicking on the Job Seekers page. You can view our openings by Calling or E-mailing. When we see a position that matches what you are looking for,  will contact you. If we do not see a job that matches you we may still keep you profile in our system until a appropriate jobs opening is found.
HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN A SPECIFIC LOCATION?                                                                                  Back to Top
You can E-MAIL us at
ALL ALL OF YOUR JOB POSTING LISTED?                                                                                                                                          Back to Top
Job openings are updated regularly. You may want to check back on our Web site in a couple of days to see the new opportunities available, or choose our Job Alert by E-mail feature. You indicate which position interests you and we'll send you a message to your e-mail address when the position becomes available. if you would like to contact directly, view our website under Contact US.
HOW WILL I KNOW IF ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES IS INTERESTED IN MY RESUME                                                                                 Back to Top
Once we receive your resume, a member of our Human Resources team will review it. Your resume will be evaluated to see if your educational background, training, skills and interests match requirements for our positions. If there is a match, you will be contacted with information about next steps.
WHAT ARE THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT AT ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES?                                                           Back to Top
At Adient Technologies, you will have opportunities for both professional and personal development. Classroom training (during normal business hours), computer-based training modules, mentor programs, networking events, on-the-job training and workshops are provided to help you further develop your skills.
WHAT LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES EXIST FOR ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYEES ?                                                                    Back to Top
All employees are encouraged to have a Personal Development Plan to provide focus to their learning opportunities. An exciting new online system, the Adient Technologies Personal Development Center, now gives employees a "one-stop shop" to manage the many development opportunities currently available.
While every department has its own parameters, there are numerous opportunities for any employee to grow. From formal mentoring to technical proficiency, from leadership development to performance management, employees are actively engaged in developing their competencies and skills.
WHAT BENEFITS DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES OFFER ITS EMPLOYEES?                                                                                       Back to Top
We have a competitive array of benefits available to suit our employees' varied needs.
HOW LONG DOES THE HIRING PROCESS TAKE?                                                                                                                                Back to Top
The hiring process can vary tremendously based on position. General expectations are that most positions are filled in less than 60 days. Additional information can be provided from recruiters during the interview process.
DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES HELP WITH RELOCATION ?                                                                                                                Back to Top
Yes, relocation benefits are based on the physical distance from the office that the candidate will work and the job position. Additional information can be provided from the recruiters during the interview process.
DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES  PROVIDE IMMIGRATION SPONSORSHIP ?                                                                                        Back to Top
In certain cases, Adient Technologies does provide immigration sponsorship that complies within the guidelines that INS establishes. Additional information can be provided from recruiters during the interview process.
Typically successful college interns and regular full time candidates complete two interviews in the hiring process. Initially you will have an, on-campus behavioral screening interview. If the recruiter determines another interview is needed, it will be more in depth, with the hiring manager at one of our sites.
WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE AT ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES?                                                                                                                  Back to Top
The dress code is business casual to casual, depending on the position. A recruiter can provide more information.
DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES HAVE RECOGNITION PROGRAMS?                                                                                                    Back to Top
Yes, both team and individual employee reward and recognition programs exist.
HOW OFTEN ARE PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS DONE?                                                                                                                     Back to Top
We believe in performance management as part of our daily routine. Additionally, formal written appraisals are completed twice a year.
DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES HAVE AN INTERNAL JOB-POSTING PROCESS?                                                                                   Back to Top
At Adient Technologies, it's our policy to communicate job vacancies to all employees so that your can self-nominate as part of your career development process. You're encouraged to discuss your career interests with your manager prior to posting. You are also encouraged to periodically discuss your career interests and how they fit with your personal development plan with your manager.
DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES HAVE A TECHNICAL CAREER PATH ?                                                                                                  Back to Top
The Adient Technologies Technical Career Path (TCP) is intended to provide our technical community with a clear, consistent framework with detailed requirements to achieve professional growth and career development in a technical capacity.
DOES ADIENT TECHNOLOGIES SUPPORT COMMUNITY-ACTION PROGRAMS?                                                                                    Back to Top
Yes. The Adient Technologies Community Action Team supports our employees' volunteer efforts around the world. Our employees nominate project ideas and then coordinate the projects with employee volunteers. Furthermore, our individual centers participate in numerous local community activities as well as supporting global initiatives.
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