• Data Assessment
Adient Technologies LLC offers data assessment programs to evaluate the quality and completeness of your enterprise data. Through sample analysis, process evaluation, and other techniques, Adient Technologies LLC  will give you a fact-based assessment of your current data position, highlighting areas for improvement and advising on high level mitigation plans.
Data Governance and Compliance Alignment
Adient Technologies LLC knows that without a strong, but well-prescribed data governance program, the best planned data strategies will fail. Adient Technologies LLC  will work with your team through a series of workshops and deep-dive process re-engineering engagements to establish an appropriate Governance and Compliance model for your company and industry. The program will address issues of participation, ownership, and measurement that will help you get your data clean and keep it clean.
  • Road mapping
Adient Technologies LLC  can help you plan your short and long term data management activities as part of a formal Roadmap Development engagement. Adient Technologies LLC  will apply findings from Data Assessments, Governance planning, and technology analysis to develop a fully-defined Enterprise Information Management Roadmap for use in your organization. The roadmap will balance long-term strategy with actionable, short-term steps that move your organization closer to its goals.
  • Data Operations
Data Operations refers to the tools and processes that enable your company's Enterprise Information Management Strategy. Adient Technologies LLC can help you define actionable approaches to the breadth of Data Operations disciplines using best in class technology from vendors like SAP, Trillium, and Adobe. More importantly, Adient Technologies LLC can help you define "best-fit" practices for the various disciplines to make your investments as valuable as possible. Finally, Adient Technologies LLC focuses on the "people-centric" adoption of technology and process to better ensure the ongoing success of all your Enterprise Information Management initiatives.
  • Data Cleansing/Data Quality
Cleaning the transactional and master data is a critical first step in any effective Enterprise Information Management program. Adient Technologies LLC will work with you to identify a thorough approach and technology solution to clean your enterprise data and to maintain its ongoing integrity. Adient Technologies LLC  partners with leading software providers like SAP, Business Objects and Trillium, and will help you identify the best tool for your particular data cleansing needs in context of your business concerns and your larger EIM strategy.
  • Data Loading, Maintenance and Distribution
Once your data is clean, you need to load, store and distribute the information efficiently as possible. Adient Technologies LLC can help you design and implement leading Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, most notably, SAP MDM to provide advance data maintenance and distribution capabilities to your EIM portfolio. Leveraging Adient Technologies LLC has  MDM design, visualization, and documentation tool, DesignSmart, we can help you develop the most appropriate architecture for your business and your data needs. Again, Adient Technologies LLC  puts your people first by leveraging the elegance and power of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, and SAP's Composition Environment to enable smooth, well-managed processes for data creation, maintenance, and distribution.
  • Data Archiving
Managing the total lifecycle of data from creation to archival has never been more critical. The pace of business requires that systems be encumbered with only the data they need to process time-sensitive transactions as quickly as possible. Adient Technologies LLC can help you develop sound strategies for how and when to archive your transactional data. Using technology from partners such as OpenText, Adient Technologies LLC will put in place a solid, stable, expandable platform for all your data archive needs.

Data Service

Adient Technologies LLC is committed to helping its customers transform their data into information, and their information into impact. The modern enterprise is flush with data of all sorts, and the challenge is to organize it, clean it, and use it to gain real insights that drive business decisions and strategy.
At Adient Technologies LLC, we understand the overwhelming data challenges facing our customers. The good news is that we have the skills and experience to help manage these significant obstacles.
Our Data Service practice understands that top flight data management is the result of the proper balance between Data Strategy and more tactical, Data Operations. Our Data Service practice works with customers in the following areas leveraging best in class technology, unique methodology, and a deep commitment to helping our customers overcome their data challenges:

  • Data Strategy
Data strategy focuses on the long term plan of action that helps your company realize a differentiated advantage through the use of enterprise data. As with all strategic disciplines, your strategy is about choices and how those choices affect outcomes. At Adient Technologies LLC, we will help you identify an industry and company-specific data strategy through the use of:
transforming data into information, and information into business impact.
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